Saturday, April 7, 2007

The details!

Welcome to the Fiber Swap!!
This swap is for spinners, future-spinners and lovers of all things fibery!

This SP event is based in the United States. The term "International" will refer to all participants outside the United States. You are welcome to join no matter where you live!

Each participant will be assigned a spoiler and a spoilee, who you will get to know throughout the exchange. The package you send to your pal must have at least 2 different types of fleece/roving or other spinning fiber, along with other spinning/fiber accesories, treats, teas, anything you think your pal may like!! The value of your package must be between $30-40US, not including shipping costs.

Contact with your pal is very important!! You must e-mail them at least 3 times throughout the exchange.
1- Let your pal know you're out there once you receive their name.
2- Some time in the middle, to say hi. Great chance to ask questions about what they like/dislike that hasn't been covered in the questionnaire.
3- After you've shipped their package so they know it's on it's way.

Having a blog is NOT required for this exchange. I will invite everyone to join this blog, and give you the opportunity to post here. This is going to be fun!!!

To Sign-up,e-mail me!! You must include the following information in your e-mail! You will be officially signed-up once you hear back from me.

Please include:
1. Full Name
2. full mailing address
3. e-mail address
4. anonymous e-mail address (so you can e-mail your pal anonymously)
5. blog address, if you have one
6. relevant allergies? (Smoke, pets...)
7. Do you have smoke or pets in your home?
8. Are you willing to ship overseas?? Or do you prefer the same country?

Thanks!! I'm really looking forward to this!

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