Thursday, June 14, 2007

Juhu, I got my swap packet today.

First of all, this swap has been extra funny why? Beacause my dear swap pal, was Peggy that I new from before :o))

So today my packet come in the mail, there was a lot in this packet. First of all some lovely Romney, I have talked so much of Romeny that I think Peggy had got that hint from earlier chatting. And one of the most gorgeous hand dyed bombyx silk I have seen from Abbys yarn.
Burt's Bee hand care kit, a initial it bookmark with my H on, beautiful crochet clothes and the most funny a Keychan Sock Blocker Sock that I for a long time had tought of buying and some Wilton's ice dying.

There was also a lot of other item, that she had been so kind to buy to me. I will update my blog later this evening.

Here is the a photos of the great packet:

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