Sunday, June 3, 2007

Fiber rec'd and a PSA (Nic)

Specs: 8 oz ea Corriedale (Fire & Pesto)

So I received a box from Crown Mountain, a place that I have ordered fiber from before, but hadn't remembered ordering anything recently. I opened the box, and the mystery intensified. The fiber definitely looked like something I would order... but when did I??? I know I hadn't. Not only were the colors dead on for what I would order, but it was corriedale... I love spinning corriedale. My husband and house guest were quick to say that they each were responsible for the great surprise. However, I decided that neither were clever or nice enough (and luckily neither read this blog) to do it. I thought about calling Crown Mountain, but what if I had ordered it, what an embarassing phone call that would be.

For more days than I will admit to, I didn't make the connection between my swap spoiler and the perfectly chosen roving. I thought and thought. Finally, I was going through my emails, and I saw that I needed to reply to my fiber spoiler (no, I didn't make the connection yet - shut up, I'm slow OK.) I wrote to her, she wrote back, and then after she threw me a hint, because I don't think she wanted to come out and say, "hey ungrateful, did you want to acknowledge your present??" my synapses fired.

In short, from my patient spoiler: "And yes--the two Crown Mountain rovings are from me. :-) See, there's method to my madness here. Since you've been fretting a bit about spinning too thin, I thought that getting you some pencil roving in the fiber you're familiar with (Corriedale) might help you get a feel for the thickness you want. You can thin that pencil roving down a lot, or you can just crack it a couple of times, tug lightly here and there to open the fiber up, and spin away. If you can find the thickness you like, then I think you'll find handling other rovings easier; you'll be able to split them into the thickness that works best for you. Does that make sense? In short, just play. :-) I thought you might like the green ("Pesto"), but I also thought the other color ("Fire") would give you something bright to work with, and if all else fails, the two might be used in the same project. I'm really curious to see what happens to the color on the red one when it's spun." -the coolest fiber spoiler ever.

So my poor spoiler put all this thought into it, and I was too dumb to figure it out. So embarassing for me!

I love this roving!!! It is so pretty and bold. I am thrilled with it. I am so thrilled I dont even want to spin it, but I will force myself to because I will love it, and have a great time with it. Not to mention my spoiler wasn't sending my fiber to add to my stash. I don't know if there are others that feel this way, but I worry about not doing the fiber justice.

Yes I am sure my spoiler as well as the rest of you are reading this, and thinking, "WOW Nic is a kind of dumb." Most of you continue the thought, "I am glad I am not dum-dum's spoiler", whereas my spoiler is thinking "ug, see what I have to work with here people??" I am sure my spoiler's, spoiler is adding aspirin to her package right now.

Let me be the cautionary tale for the rest of you. You are in a fiber swap. You will be receiving anonymous fiber. It's probably from your spoiler. I know you are thinking DUH, but just instead write thanks for the tip in the comments section will ya? It'll be our personal code.


R said...
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SP said...

LOL!! You're not dumb, and I don't think I'm working with a dolt here. (grin) I AM, however, very glad you like it. More soon. :-)