Thursday, May 3, 2007

Questionnaire for Chelsea (SpininMamma3)

* What do you use your fiber for? Mostly knitting, but I do some crochet.

* What kind of spinning do you do or what do you spin for? Mostly just for the sake of loving to spin, but sometimes I pull out the fiber when I have a project already in mind. Other times it’s to try for a previously untried end result in the yarn. I don’t do any of the true (I did plenty of those beginner novelty yarns!) novelty fancy yarns with lots of slubs and big beads, etc. I just don’t have the right kind of wheel for that.

* If you knit, weave, spin, crochet, needle felt, or do other fibery
pursuits, how long have you been doing those things? What level of
expertise are you at? I’d say advanced beginner knitting and almost intermediate on spinning, but I’m not afraid to try anything. I haven’t done any intricate lace knitting, but I just haven’t really had the chance yet. I’ve been knitting for 3 years and spinning for a little over a year.

* What fibers have you worked with? Most fibers except the rare and expensive ones! Lots of different wools, I’ve done bamboo, tencel, silk, cotton, alpaca, angora, mohair- no igneo, cashmere, yak, buffalo, or those really rare ones like Quivit or Vicuna. I have some soy silk but haven’t tried it yet- maybe this weekend! I also have some llama and a small sample of camel, though I haven’t done anything with those yet either.

* Which fibers, fiber blends, and types of fibers do you prefer? I like the wools and blends of wool and other soft fibers. I really enjoyed the merino/tencel blends. I do have an issue with medium or coarse wools though. I guess I have sensitive fingers because I have trouble with them hurting when I spin anything that’s not next-to-skin soft. Most medium-fine wools have been good still though. I have a small same of Polwarth wool and would love to get my hands on some more of that- luscious stuff!

* Are you interested in working with raw fleece? If so, what type? I have a few right now, but I’d take the Polwarth in the raw fleece!!!

* What fibery tools do you currently have (e.g., spinning wheels,
drop spindles, combs, cards, etc.)? One wheel, 18 spindles, drum carder, skeinwinder, ballwinder, niddy noddy, and a yarn meter.

* Do you crave any tools, books, or videos? 4-pitch combs and a wool picker- LOL! “The Rainbow Beneath My Feet: A Mushroom Dyer's Field Guide” by Arleen and Alan Bessette, and “Mushrooms for color” by Miriam Rice look interesting to me- I love mushrooms!

* What fibers are you absolutely dying to get your hands on? More of the Polwarth and the Merino/tencel blend.

* Which fibers do you absolutely not want to work with? Chiengora of any kind- it drives me nuts when I’m spinning it. Tried a border collie/wool blend and got about 1 oz into it before I put it away for good!

* Do you prefer natural color fibers or pre-dyed fibers? Like both except for browns and the black fleece that looks more like a dark brown. Blue-black fleece is good.

* What are your dye and color preferences? Pretty much anything except the brown- and if it’s dyed in earth tones that’s good, just not plain brown.

* Do you have any relevant allergies? Nope, but I don't like the smell of smoke at all.

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