Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Yvonne's answers

* What do you use your fiber for? I am mostly a knitter, but also weave.
* What kind of spinning do you do or what do you spin for? I tend to spin mostly worsted weight yarns, single or plyed, since I will be knitting it. But recently I have spun some yarn for socks, fingering weight.
* If you knit, weave, spin, crochet, needle felt, or do other fibery
pursuits, how long have you been doing those things? What level of
expertise are you at? I've knit all my life, woven for 20+ years, and spun almost as long. I'm probably an advanced intermediate spinner, sometimes better, sometimes worse.
* What fibers have you worked with? wool, llama, alpaca, silk, tencel, linen, blends.
* Which fibers, fiber blends, and types of fibers do you prefer? I hate to be boring, but I prefer wool.
* Are you interested in working with raw fleece? If so, what type? I have a flock of 50+ sheep, longwools, Finns, and crosses. I have plenty of raw fleece. But if this is what you would prefer to send, breeds other than my own would be great.
* What fibery tools do you currently have (e.g., spinning wheels,
drop spindles, combs, cards, etc.)? I have 5 spinning wheels and assorted spindles. But one can always use another spindle!
* Do you crave any tools, books, or videos? lately I have been interested in small projects, something portable, something I can spin a skein for. Isn't there a book called "One skein Wonders", or something like that? Patterns of that sort would be appealing
* What fibers are you absolutely dying to get your hands on? surprise me!
* Which fibers do you absolutely not want to work with? linen or cotton
* Do you prefer natural color fibers or pre-dyed fibers? I like both, but like to be surprised by color.
* What are your dye and color preferences? I like jewel tones, bright, saturated color
* Do you have any relevant allergies? none

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